Our VIP full
service package

VIP Service benefits

Hotel booking

We book a 4 star hotel for your stay in Greece

Shuttle Service

We will pick you up from the airport with an exclusive vehicle and drive you to the hotel

chauffeur service

a chauffeur is available every day to take care of all necessary appointments.

personal assistant

We will provide you with a personal assistant (translator). This is available to you 8 hours a day.


We organize the best dining service for you every day. Eat at the best restaurants in Greece


1. Step

Communication with our team to
check if the investor can apply for the Golden Visa.

1. Step

2. Step

Discussion with our team and selection of the best
investment option for the investors based on requirements.

2. Step

3. Step

Organize the trip to Greece. We will. assist you for the entry and the
stay with an invitation letter, and collection of the necessary documents.

3. Step

4. Step

Application to obtain a Greek tax identification number for non residents and opening of a bank
account for the investor and transferring of the amount in this bank account.

4. Step

5. Step

Collaboration with the investor,
presentation of different properties, visit inspection of the properties
in order to select the best one of him/her.

5. Step

6. Step

Signing of a Power of Attorney for the acquisition of the property and
the issuance o f the residence permit.

6. Step

7. Step

Legal due diligence of the property and preparation of the legal steps
required for the transfer of the property.

7. Step

8. Step

Completion of the acquisition with
the signing of the contract and the safe transfer of funds to the sei ler.

8. Step

9. Step

lssuance of a temporary residence permit.

9. Step

10. Step

Submission of the application for the iss u a nce ?f the permanent
residence perm1t.

10. Step

11. Step

Trip toGreece for the biometric data required by the Greek authorities.

11. Step

12. Step

lssuance of the permanent residence card. After five years the investor
submits the application for the renewal of this card.

12. Step

Map of Greece



Ionian Islands


Central Greece

Western Greece

Western Macedonia


Central Macedonia

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

North Aegean


South Aegean
(Mykonos, Santorini)

Normal Service benefits

1.Extension of stay

Renewal of residence permits. (will be automatically extended by 5 years)

Document Preparation

Preparation and submission of documents for the issuance of the residence permit.

Property Management

Rental and real estate management to ensure maximum income for the investor.

Insurance Service

Insurance benefits (health, home, car, etc.).

Financial Service

Act as permanent tax representative on an annual basis to ensure compliance with tax legislation.

Tax Payment Management

Tax payments on behalf of the investor and collection of the certificates

Document Management

Management of all documents related to the property.

Entry and Registration

Registration of the title deed at the land registry & cadastral office

Contract negotiation

Negotiation of all contract terms and drafting of pre-sale and sale contracts

Due Diligence Process

Completion of the real estate due diligence process

Property presentations

Presentation of real estate and assistance in selection

Communication Service

Initial document creation and client support

VIP Service Package
Selected budget: 260000
Please enter the budget you have available for purchasing real estate here. 250.000€ bis 5.000.000€

Real estate purchase price:
Other costs:
Property transfer tax:
Notary fees:
Land register costs:
Cadastral fee:
Attorneys fee:
Visa fee:
Brokerage fee:
Service fee:
Total cost: